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Greylin Green was set up by friends Tess White and Clare Johnson; we share a passion for creating beautiful homes as well as being a client-focused friendly team, with a professional approach. 


My background as a property lawyer gives me an eye for detail as well as experience of delivering results to clients. I also have an in-depth knowledge of the local property market, and an understanding of what motivates buyers. Having renovated my own Victorian house and helped numerous friends with styling or staging their homes, I decided it was time to leave the law behind and pursue my passion for interiors. I would describe my style as classic, with a contemporary twist, and comfort is key! 


My passion for interior design, fashion and properties started while I was living in New York in the late 90s, and has been what excites me ever since.

For the past 11 years, I have designed, built and marketed Scandinavian timber buildings which have given me an insight and edge when it comes to the UK property market. Having travelled extensively and lived in several countries I have gathered influences from each place. But my heart still beats for my Scandinavian roots, using natural materials in a scaled back setting.

Our History

We started off as friends 10 years ago, bonding over our love for the fine and fun things in life. Throughout the years we have done many home styling jobs, from total home renovations to helping clients with picking the right colour schemes and cushion covers! We do have our own preferred styles such as New England meets Scandi or a bit of BOHO Chic. But most importantly we ALWAYS listen to what the client likes and spend time trying to find their personality reflected in the styling.

"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place.

It should smile at you and create fantasy"


Juan Montoya

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Clare: +44 7961 355242

Tess: +44 0776028 0231

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